Wednesday, December 1, 2010

By;Gabriela Javier-Sosa and Roshunda Hewings

What we did last week

  • Open studio
  • Last critique
  • Blog #6

Skills we practiced

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Initiative and self direction
  • Communication and collaboration

What we are doing this week

  • Blog #7
  • Final evaluation
  • Open studio
  • Career coaching #3
  • Evaluation of Lead Artist and Program
  • Self evaluation
  • Revisiting goals
  • Pictures and Artist statements

Working for Artworks for Milwaukee has been a great experience for us apprentices, because it has taught us how to keep a job, to be professional, and to be responsible. We really enjoyed being apart of something thats trying so hard to change the community, and to better it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

By: Jarrel & Monique

What We Did Last Week:
  • Blog #5
  • 2nd Career Coaching Session
  • Open Studio

Skills We Practiced:

  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Initiative & Self-Direction
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Professionalism

This Week's Taska:

  • Blog #6
  • Critique
  • Open Studio
  • Learning new things like how to interview and writing a resume from our career coaches.

This is Travell working on a painting of his positive influence person.

This is Monique working on her positive influence person's background history.

This is Roshunda working on her positive influence background history.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review of Week 5 by Travell Johnson & Bruce Davis

What we did last week:
  • Blog # 4
  • Open studio
  • Critique
  • Worked on full sized composition

Employability skills we used last week:

  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Critical thinking & Problem solving
  • Self direction & Initiative
  • Giving & receiving feedback

This week we will:
  • Blog #5
  • Start final portraits
  • Have career coaching topic #2
  • Open studio
  • 5 minute informal performance feedback from our Lead Artist

                      Monica with her Positive Influencer

                    Jarrel with his Positive Influencer

                    Bruce with Deandra Harris, his Positive Influencer

                    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

                    Review of Week #4 by Roshunda and Monique

                    Gabriela and her person of positive influence, Arely, view the artwork of past Apprentices

                    What We Did Last Week

                    • Started the critique of composition
                    • Compositions
                    • Career coaching
                    • Mid-point evaluations
                    • Open studio time

                    Jarrel works with his Manpower Career Coach

                    Skills We Practiced
                    • Communication and Collaboration
                    • Giving and Receiving Feedback
                    • Creativity and Innovation
                    • Professionalism
                    • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

                    Roshunda chose Mary, her Career Coach, to be her person of positive influence

                    What We Are Doing This Week
                    • Blog #4
                    • Open Studio
                    • Review of Technical Approaches
                    • Finished Friday's Critique
                    Travell, Jarrel, Bruce and Roshunda in the work space
                    1. We learned to put more details and less value in our compositions.
                    2. We practiced getting our work done in the time that is given.

                    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

                    Week 3 Review By: Monique and Jarrel

                    Last week, we did the following tasks:

                    • Blog #2
                    • Interview ?'s
                    • Collage and Paper Cutting
                    • Interviewed Person of Positive Influence
                    • Critque #2
                    • Practiced taking pictures
                    • Interview Techniques
                    • Reception > Set up and Had Event

                    Job Skills We Practiced:

                    • Self- Direction
                    • Social and Cross- Culture
                    • Productivity and Accountability
                    • Professionalism
                    • Communication and Collaboration
                    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
                    • Giving and Recieving Feedback

                    This week we are going to do the following tasks:

                    • Blog #3
                    • Composition and Design Basics
                    • Open Studio
                    • Choosing pictures from our reception
                    • Career Coaching
                    • Performance Evaluations
                    • Creating Patterns in compositions
                    • Critque #3

                    I think this job is really fun it's kind alot of hardwork with what we are doing,how to do it or how a task should be done

                    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

                    Review of week 2 By Bruce & Gabriela

                    What we did in week 2:
                    • Apprentice made portrait of each other
                    • Our first blog
                    • Made symbol from our community
                    • first feedback
                    • first critique
                    • our first paycheck
                    Skills that we used:
                    • Communication
                    • payroll process
                    • self direction
                    • Problem solving
                    • Presenting
                    • Giving and receiving feedback
                    • Collaboration
                    What we are going to do next week:
                    • Interview
                    • Blogging
                    • Collage
                    • Interviewing technigues
                    • Recpetion on friday
                    • Photo Journaling

                    Thursday, October 14, 2010

                    Review of week 1 (by Juanita & Travell)

                    In week 1 these are the task that we accomplished:
                    • Orientation
                    • Learned how to fill out time sheets
                    • Got to know one another (exquisite corpse & human knot activities)
                    • Created Asset maps (to show positive things in our neighborhood)
                    • Color wheel exercise (learned how to mix colors)
                    • Color theory exercise (tint, tone and shade)
                    • Internet search (on neighborhood)

                    Employability skills we practiced:

                    • Learned how to collaborate
                    • Being focused
                    • Attention to detail
                    • Creativity
                    • Problem solving & critical thinking
                    • Self direction
                    • Risk taking
                    • Communication

                    In Week 2, we are going to work on the following tasks:

                    • Manpower Career Coaching: We met our coaches
                    • Value skill exercise (Shading)
                    • Create a symbol that represent our neighborhood
                    • First critique by co-workers of each of our symbols
                    • Deciding who our subject will be for our portraits
                    • Going to get our first informal performance feedback from Kasia
                    • Going to get our first pay check!

                    Employability skills we will practice:

                    • Learn about paychecks
                    • Creativity
                    • Communication & collaboration
                    • Providing feedback
                    • Using technology